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Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball retains most major rules and scoring of basketball, and maintains a 10-foot basketball hoop and standard basketball court.

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An Overview of Wheelchair Basketball

The exceptions are rules which have been modified with consideration for the wheelchair. For example, "travelling" in wheelchair basketball occurs when the athlete touches his wheels more than twice after receiving or dribbling the ball. The individual must pass, bounce or shoot the ball before touching the wheels again.


As a player trains and practices, they tone and strengthen various muscles in the body while increasing stamina. Wheelchair football is a type of team sport that encourages communication between the players, improving one's social skills. Becoming better in the sport also helps increase confidence.


Local clubs can be found by visiting the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association website.


The following equipment will be required:
• Basket with a backboard
• Basketballs

To take part in a competitive match specific sport wheelchairs need to be used.


  • In 1995 wheelchair basketball celebrated its 50th anniversary. The game was first played in the USA when basketball players injured during World War II adapted the running game to four wheels in order to continue their enjoyment in sport and particularly team sport.

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National Governing Bodies

Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association

Contact Name
General Information
Contact Telephone
01509 279900
Wheelchair Basketball

Bromsgrove Blaze Hotshots Wheelchair Basketball Club

Wheelchair basketball sessions catering for disabled and able boded people of all ages and abilities.

Disability Sport Worcester

Disability Sport Worcester specialises in creating and running sporting events, clubs and activities for children and adults with disabilities.

Senior Team Training

Senior Team Training

Training Session for Bears 1st and 2nd team members plus invited club members.

Training Session Wheelchair Basketball

Training Session Wheelchair Basketball

Training session for Bears Wheelchair Basketball Club's 3rd team, women's team and invited Bears members.

Junior Training

Junior Training

Free training sessions for junior players (Girls/Boys) from 6 to 18. Open to all juniors with a disability or a lower limb injury. Siblings and friends are also welcome. Specialist wheelchairs can be provided if needed.

Training Session

Training Session

Training Session for new players and development players. A mixed session for all new players alongside development and women's team. Open to anyone with a lower limb disability/injury or able-bodied players looking to start a new sport. Specialist Wheelchairs can be provided.