Active Lives Survey - Children and Young People

What is the Active Lives Survey?

The Active Lives Survey for Children and Young people was launched in the 2017/2018 academic year. Designed by Sport England, the Department for Education (DfE), the Department for Health (DfH), and the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), its purpose is to gain a detailed insight into the current physical activity habits of the nation's children and young people (aged 5 to 16).

Data collected through the process will be used by Sport England and central government to shape and unlock investment in physical activity both nationally and locally for years to come. Sport England has outlined their intentions for the survey to inform the Childhood Obesity Plan, Primary PE and Sports Premium, and other departmental programmes in the near future.

The survey is being distributed to primary and secondary schools across England by the Active Partnership Network, of which we are a part of. Schools are randomly selected by Ipsos Mori and locally, there are 6-8 schools selected per local authority each term. Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire will be on hand to support participating schools throughout the process.

The survey itself involves one randomly selected class from three different year groups, completing a 20 minute online survey. Questions are focused around their current activity, physical literacy, swimming proficiency, wellbeing, self-efficacy and levels of social trust of all children currently in education.

A reward of multi-skills sports equipment equating to a minimum of £100 will be given to participating schools who meet the criteria of completing at least 30 responses, as well as a bespoke report detailing their pupils' engagement in and attitudes towards physical activity, both in and outside of the school setting. It is advised that schools use this information to shape and inform their own PE delivery as well as their Primary PE Sports Premium expenditure if applicable. Schools will also be able to receive a Healthy Schools Rating with certificate.

Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

The Department of Education have recently launched the new Healthy Schools Rating Scheme which has been designed to recognise and encourage schools contributions to pupils' health and wellbeing. A healthy schools rating can be attained via the teacher survey which is administered within the Active Lives Survey. Questions are asked in a self-assessment format and are based around the promotion of active travel, time spent on physical education, compliance with school food standards and food education. Schools will the be given a bronze, silver or gold rating based on their answers.

This Healthy Schools Rating and certificate will be provided at the same time as the bespoke report.

Survey Updates for the Summer Term Due to COVID-19:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused unprecedented disruption to all our lives and at this difficult time it is right that we prioritise those things that are most important. We understand that the Active Lives Children and Young People Survey is not a priority for everyone right now. However, by completing it at this exceptional time, you will help to build a picture of the impact COVID-19 is having on children and young people's lives, their ability to stay active, and overall wellbeing. This provides us a unique opportunity to understand the impact directly to children and young people and the information used to ensure the right opportunities and support can be provided as we emerge from the current situation.

Sport England have now made the survey more flexible for the summer term. Pupils can be from the same or a mix of classes across year groups and the surveys are now suitable for completing at home or in school. In order to qualify for the incentives (vouchers, report and Healthy Schools Rating) schools will need to obtain a minimum of 30 pupil responses and complete one teacher survey.

Schools Selected for the Autumn Term 2020-21:

1Sidemoore First School & Nursery
2Meadow Green Primary School
3St Andrew's CofE First School
4Aston Fields Middle School
5Parkside Middle School
6South Bromsgrove High School
1Lea CofE Primary School
2Staunton-on-Wye Endowned Primary School
3Ashperton Primary Academy
4The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School
5St Mary's RC High School
6Fairfield High School
Malvern Hills
1Grimley and Holt CofE Primary School
2St James' CofE Primary School
3Great Malvern Primary School
4Tenbury CofE Primary School
5The Chantry School
6Tenbury High Ormiston Academy
1Tenacres First School
2Roman Way First School
3Oak Hill First School
4Woodfield Academy
5Walkwood CofE Middle School
6St Augustine's Catholic High School
7St Bede's Catholic Middle School
Worcester City
1Cherry Orchard Primary School
2Perdiswell Primary School
3Cranham Primary School
4Northwick Manor Primary School
5Tudor Grange Academy Worcester
6Christopher Whitehead Language College
1Abbey Park First and Nursery School
2Abbey Park Middle School
3Claines CofE Primary School
4Bengeworth CE Academy
5Prince Henry's High School
6Pershore High School
7Droitwich Spa High School & Sixth Form
Wyre Forest
1Comberton Primary School
2Offmore Primary School
3Bewdley Primary School
4Burlish Park Primary School
5The Stourport High School & Sixth Form College
6Baxter College

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Sarah Milward

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