Cara Brincat plays rugby in the Premiership for the Worcester Warriors, and previously competed in the England U18s 7s team that became European champions, in addition to being a part of the England U20s squad. Cara has continued to compete and succeed in Rugby despite having dyslexia. Learn more about how you can support a participant with Dyslexia below. Achieve a certificate to demonstrate your learning by completing the quiz.

Dear Coaches,

It is reported that 1 in 5 people have dyslexia, it is more common than you think. If I was to be a participant in your coaching session these are some things that I need you to know.

Dyslexia is a learning difficultly that impacts an individual's ability to process information, read or write. The impacts are different for everyone, I am affected mostly by brain processing which influences my speech. When I am not given enough time to think I jumble up my words. Be supportive and patient and let me try again – don't assume you know what I am saying to save time. Please don't ask me questions or challenge me in a pressured environment, like a team meeting, do it in a situation where I have more time to process the information. Often, people will try to speak for me when I am struggling. It is incredibly deflating; I want to get better and I have opinions that I want to express.

I may have trouble understanding drills and skills that you're coaching to the group. You might think it's simple and easy to pick up and it could save you time by telling me to get involved and follow a peer's lead – there are better ways to support me. Try not to speak too fast, that extra second gives me enough time to process the information you're presenting to me. Support your verbal explanations by giving demonstrations to the group. If you're really prepared and time permits, send me the content of the session beforehand so that I can digest it before turning up.

Dyslexia doesn't affect my ability or intelligence. I can be as good or better than anyone else – don't underestimate me.

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Dear Coaches, make your pledge to supporting participants with dyslexia

Dear Coaches, make your pledge to supporting participants with dyslexia