Equality in Sport

Equality in Sport

Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire recognises that inequalities exist within sport and is committed to addressing these inequalities. We aim to ensure all our activities, programmes and schemes are accessible to all individuals and groups within the communities of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and will endeavour to remove existing financial, physical, political, psychological and social barriers to participation in sport and physical activity. We are fully committed to the principals of equal opportunities and will work towards eliminating discrimination on the grounds of the following characteristics:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion/Belief
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Gender reassignment
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy & Maternity
  • Marriage & Civil partnership

Active HW recognises the diverse make-up of the two counties and accepts that a pro-active approach must be adopted and additional resources allocated towards project & programmes that target those individuals who do not traditionally access services.

Our Committment

'Active HW acknowledges that inequalities exist within sports participation and provision. It is therefore proactively committed to ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to take part in physical activity and sport at the appropriate level. Barriers to participation and inequalities will be identified and positive action taken to change the structure and culture of local sport.'