When it comes to improving your community group, organisation or club, funding is always an important aspect that can help you to develop and improve. Whether you are looking for a few hundred pounds to replace kit or equipment or a few thousand pounds to support a new project or capital development then we can help to source the right funding for you. Our Funding Finder enables you to search over 150 different local, regional and national funding sources.

Applying for Funding

Applying for funding can seem daunting and challenging however, we are here to help. We have produced a 'Top Tips for Funding' document to support you through your applications.

Emergency Financial Planning

Your club/organisation may already have some existing income and expenditure forecasts or well developed business plans. In unforeseen circumstances, such as these, these plans remain important but are unlikely to reflect the reality of the situation you are currently facing. It's important to undertake some emergency financial planning for your club/organisation as soon as you possibly can. You may wish to use the below guidance note, provided by Sport England Club Matters which has been designed to provide support with your organisation's emergency financial planning.

Donations and Fundraising

Fundraising can be a really useful and enjoyable way for organisations to generate required funding. Fundraising is a common language for most organisations, therefore; this section will collate relevant research that identify how to do it more effectively.

If you want additional information, Sport England have outlined three things to think about and a quick guide to fundraising on their website.


Sponsorship is an avenue worth considering when seeking money to support your organisation or club. Businesses large and small are commonly eager to engage in sponsorship opportunities in their local communities. Sponsorship is a two-way agreement, and your organisation will be required to honour obligations to maintain the sponsorship and build a positive relationship. Learn more about sponsorship from Club Matters. You may also find the Club Matters Sponsorship Toolkit useful when pursing this funding avenue.