Include Me West Midlands is a regional approach to making the West Midlands an exemplar region for engaging disabled people and people with long term health conditions to be physically active.

It has been developed following a consultation with disabled people, disability organisations, national specialist organisations and existing academic and national research. Following the consultation period a wide range of actions have been developed with the aim of creating a more inclusive environment and a better understanding of people's needs. Include Me West Midlands puts disabled people and people with long term health conditions at the heart of the conversation and covers the following themes.

  • Transport
  • Housing
  • Community
  • Wellbeing
  • Workforce
  • Digital
  • Children & Young People

It aims to create a collective momentum and a demonstration of a willingness to learn from and listen to disabled people. The Include Me West Midlands Pledge is about showing disabled people and people with long term health conditions that an organisation has made a commitment to consider how it engages better with people. No-one is perfect, but by signing up it shows that you are an organisation willing to listen and make improvements that provide a better experience for customers and staff.

What are the benefits?

By signing the pledge, you'll benefit from the support of experts in physical activity, health and social care, as well as professionals with lived experience who support the Include Me WM programme. Together we will help you grow your proposition to engage this audience group.

You'll also get access to a suite of evidence-based resources on inclusive sports and physical activity, to help you follow best practice and improve customer engagement.

How it works:

Reflect. Explore the Activity Alliance's Talk to Me Principles and identify the improvements that will help your organisation become more inclusive and collaborative

Change. Commit to identifying things you want to change and work through the principles you'd like to build on; we can provide further guidance to support you through this journey

Collaborate. Be open to the views and thoughts of disabled people and those living with long term health conditions

You can find out more and make your Include Me West Midlands pledge at: