Catrina's Story

Catrina's Story

Posted: Tue, 04 Sep 2018 10:56

Catrina's Story

Active HERE supports adults in Herefordshire to get active by bridging the gap between contemplation and attending their first session.

'I had been experiencing body pain for some time and during an appointment with my GP I was given a leaflet about Active HERE.

Not long after this my car broke down and I was forced to walk everywhere anyway. But I quickly became conscious that I felt my mobility was an issue as I did not feel confident on my feet. I purchased some walking poles to give me support when walking but I realised that I needed to do more.

I retrieved the leaflet and contacted Active HERE looking for some advice and details of activities that could help me get my mobility back. During my first appointment with Sarah we discussed activities to suit my lifestyle and budget. Re-engaging with swimming, cycling and walking were my preferences. After my first appointment I felt better, I had made that first step and had a plan in mind to help myself to get active and support from Sarah along the way.

My starting point was walking to and from work trying to use longer routes and plan walks at weekends to help to regain confidence with mobility. At first, I felt I needed the two sticks to walk with, but as the weeks went by I realised that I no longer needed both sticks, I began to use just one. My walking was so enjoyable I started to walk for longer and add in additional walks where possible and make a walk out of every opportunity. I now walk without any sticks at all.

Walking has become a wonderful part of my life, being outdoors in the fresh air, really enjoying the beauty of nature, the wildlife in the park, I walk through and the changing seasons. Socialising with people on route, has really aided my recovery. Walking for me has the given back my mobility and has a mindfulness element for me which has helped me.

I feel walking has helped me feel active again and regain confidence in my mobility and feel good within myself. When walking with a friend recently, a keen mountain trekker, she commented that she couldn't keep up with me! That summed up for me how far I had come.'

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