Our clubs had their say

Our clubs had their say

Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 17:00

Our clubs had their say

We continuously want to better understand which clubs and activity providers are engaging our priority audiences. Gathering your feedback from the Club Survey 2019 will help us shape our support offer for clubs moving forwards. This feedback will help us work collaboratively to tackle inactivity across Herefordshire and Worcestershire through the power of physical activity and sport that our clubs deliver!

We were delighted to hear that our clubs are highly inclusive and welcoming of inactive individuals within our priority audience groups (adults – 81%, women and girls – 97%, older adults – 84%, children and young people – 78%).

The needs of individuals with a disability or long term health condition were well understood, with 78% of clubs offering an inclusive approach for this audience. 69% of our clubs are welcoming towards those living with and beyond cancer.

Whilst a number of clubs offer an inclusive approach to a range of audiences, we have learned that some organisations lack confidence within this area. The Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire is committed to developing a workforce that inspires, providing a range of opportunities for learning and development.

Within the survey, we asked clubs what support they required in order to engage varying demographics in physical activity. Our findings suggest that links with relevant community organisations was a top priority (81%), closely followed by securing funding (63%).

We were pleased to hear that our clubs wish to place the needs of the customer at the centre of their offer, with 59% requiring support around engaging and delivering to specific audiences. Marketing and promotion support was also highlighted (44%), meaning that our clubs are considering the communication preferences of different audiences.

Through the survey, we wanted to better understand our clubs' priorities. Six key themes emerged within our findings:

  • Securing funding
  • Recruitment of volunteers and participants
  • Enjoyment for all
  • To be welcoming and inclusive
  • Growing through networking
  • Improving and having greater access to facilities

Clubs also expressed their greatest challenges:

  • Promoting their activity to and recruiting from different demographics
  • Recruitment of volunteers
  • Issues related to finance (hall-hire, club running costs, barrier for participants)
  • Lack of exposure of sports in schools
  • Recruiting qualified coaches
  • Issues related to facilities
  • Maintaining engagement from youth to adult competition

The Club Survey 2019 was completed by 32 clubs across the two counties with 18 sports/activities represented. Insight gathered from the survey is of great value to the Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and will help to inform our club offer moving forwards. We aim support clubs with their personal ambitions and priorities, and diminish their barriers and challenges.

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