We reflect on a year of Active Lives

We reflect on a year of Active Lives

Posted: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 14:21

We reflect on a year of Active Lives

A poem from our Active Lives CYP lead:

Since starting this role, I've learnt a lot,

I've stressed, I've laughed and I've lost the plot!

I took on a project called Active Lives,

which measures activity from 16 to 5.

The survey identifies attitudes and behaviour,

but engaging some schools can be a bit of a failure!

I've tried to put myself in the shoes of a teacher,

and think of ways that could make the survey feature.

I know it's not a priority of theirs,

but it's always a bonus when the headteacher cares!

I've made a few changes to see what works,

it always helps when you mention the perks!

A bespoke report and an equipment incentive,

will hopefully make PE more inventive.

30 responses is what Sport England require,

at the end of the term their URL will expire!

I now give schools a deadline of one week before,

in case they don't meet the response rate, there's time to get more.

I've found this to work and avoids any dismay,

and will increase our figures, hip-hip hooray!

This autumn terms I've engaged more schools than ever,

I've even had opt-ins, which has happened like, never!

This has been helped by the new Healthy Schools Rating Scheme,

for encouraging schools, this has worked like a dream.

There's been meetings, conferences and leaflets promoting the rating,

and although there's more engagement from schools, the project can still be frustrating.

We've had 29 schools agree to take part,

18 have completed and some have yet to start.

There's less than two weeks to go before this terms deadline,

but we should hopefully exceed our targets just fine!

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