Thursday Thoughts - A Covid-19 Reflection

Thursday Thoughts - A Covid-19 Reflection

Posted: Wed, 13 May 2020 12:31

Thursday Thoughts - A Covid-19 Reflection

Our world as we know it has started to change,

And everything feels quite weird and strange.

A global pandemic called COVID-19,

I wish I could wake up from this horrible dream.

We've been told to stay home to help save lives,

'Protect our NHS' the Government cries.

Shops, bars and restaurants have been forced to close,

Many jobs lost and many additional woes.

We can't see our colleagues, our family or friends,

And we won't get to do so 'til this lockdown ends.

Schools have all closed and work's gone online,

Many more parents are in need of more wine!

Trying to concentrate and be productive,

Is extremely hard when so much is disrupted.

Our normal routines are all over the place,

Which is not something we ever thought we would face.

Everything's gone just a little bit crazy,

Some people more active, whilst others, more lazy.

Apprehension, anxiety and emotions are high,

Some days we can't help but just let out a cry.

There's so much confusion and many are dying,

It's heartbreak, it's chaos, but we all keep on trying.

Trying our best in this current situation,

We've all come together as a united nation.

Against Coronavirus together we stand,

We will fight this disease as one hand in hand.

Positivity and kindness is needed now more than ever,

For this uncertain storm will not last forever.

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