Lockdown Poem - Tom Howard

Lockdown Poem - Tom Howard

Posted: Mon, 08 Jun 2020 16:20

Lockdown Poem - Tom Howard

This lockdown surrounds me like moths to a flame,

We sit inside our houses just wondering who to blame,

Because this lockdown feels scary, though the one I love is here,

My family feel distant and my friends are nowhere near,

Though every house is a castle, the safest place that we can be,

I see strangers pass my window, but they do not see me,

For this story we are part of, seems to familiar you see,

Like all those scary movies we have seen on the tv,

And yet as we sit here, the heroes battle on,

But this time no batman and robin for they have packed and gone,

For the heroes stand among us, clearing up the mess,

Men and woman on the frontline of our noble NHS,

You'll never know the gratitude we feel for you each day,

You'll never no how much it means and the thanks we need to pay,

And there you have the reason why we sit and stay inside,

Listening to Boris till we no longer have to hide,

For one day this will be over, our sacrifices done,

And we can all go back to having lots and lots of fun,

We'll look back on this time in memory, and call the now the when,

For at this time I promise, we will meet again.

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