Active HW's reflection on the Black Lives Matter movements

Active HW's reflection on the Black Lives Matter movements

Posted: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 09:28

Active HW's reflection on the Black Lives Matter movements

The recent actions of the Black Lives Matter movement have encouraged Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire to take some time to reflect, to continue listening and to seek further understanding of how to implement change within our organisation and the sport and physical activity sector, locally.

There is an unavoidable truth that deep-rooted inequalities mean that people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds are far less likely to be physically active. We understand that sadly, barriers to the enjoyment of sport and physical activity exist for many communities. We are committed to listen, understand and break down these barriers and strategically tackle the inequalities that prevent people taking part in sport.

Over the past few months we have constructed an action group within our organisation. With an understanding that our commitment to true systemic change will take time, our initial focus will be internal. We will first seek to improve our understanding of the Black Lives Matter movements, continuing to listen to the voices of those that have confidently spoken out and educate ourselves in order to create action internally.

In coming months we will be in a position to share our learning. We hope that other physical activity organisations can stand with us and encourage change within the sector. We are committed to continue to learn from our colleagues, partners and participants across the sector.

We would encourage you to get in contact with us if you can support or educate us further with this movement or personal experiences. We are open to learning and developing together in the aim to build a stronger community in sport and physical activity.

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