£50,000 invested to tackle negative impact of COVID-19

£50,000 invested to tackle negative impact of COVID-19

Posted: Sat, 05 Dec 2020 12:08

£50,000 invested to tackle negative impact of COVID-19

Herefordshire and Worcestershire organisations received £50,000 of Sport England funding, invested by Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire to reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 and widening inequalities in sport and physical activity.

The 'Tackling Inequalities Fund' forms part of Sport England's £210 million support package to help the sport and physical activity sector through the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

Shortly after restrictions on exercising and guidelines around social distancing were introduced in late March, Sport England commissioned regular surveys to assess people's activity levels and attitudes towards physical activity.

Survey responses clearly indicates that certain groups had been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and it was significantly impacting their ability to be physically active. In response, Sport England introduced the Tackling Inequalities Fund to try and reduce the negative impact.

With a strong understanding of local needs and issues, Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire has been identified to connect funding to community groups working with those most in need, with a specific focus on: Lower socio-economic groups, Ethnically diverse communities, Disabled People and People with long-term health conditions.

This funding and support will enable community groups working with target audiences to continue to exist and engage with their communities with a view to keeping them active through the lockdowns and early recovery stages.

Stephen Brewster, Chief Executive Officer at Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire said: "We are delighted to direct National Lottery funding to support the local sport and activity sector. This funding will help support our valuable community infrastructure that is vital in keeping our two counties active for their physical, mental and social wellbeing."

Among other successful applications, over £5000 has been invested to support Worcester Acute Hospitals Trust's Pulmonary Rehabilitation services. The funding will provide additional training and capacity for the Trust and local instructors, as well as exercise provision and subsidised leisure memberships to reduce the barriers to physical activity.

Really Rural were also among the organisation receiving financial support from Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire and Sport England. With over 4300 children living in poverty across Herefordshire, Really Rural have partnered with Herefordshire schools and HVOSS No Wrong Door to provide activities for children living in areas of deprivation within the county.

Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire continue to support organisations across the two counties and would like to hear from any community groups or organisations working with the Sport England priority demographics (Lower socio-economic groups, Ethnically diverse communities, Disabled People and People with long-term health conditions). Contact us at activehw@worc.ac.uk or visit https://www.activehw.co.uk/contact-us.

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