Workplace Movement is coming to Herefordshire and Worcestershire!

Workplace Movement is coming to Herefordshire and Worcestershire!

Posted: Mon, 14 Jun 2021 11:55

Workplace Movement is coming to Herefordshire and Worcestershire!

Forward thinking in challenging times: Workplace Movement

Active workplaces are healthier, happier and more productive, with less stress, lower absence and better performance. Our insight suggests, however despite knowing the importance and benefits for individual health and organisational performance achieved through physical activity, employees are finding it hard under the current restrictions to remain active and businesses are now looking for practical support and solutions for employee wellbeing. Now more than ever, being active is vital for the health of your people and your business!

Workplace Movement is here to help and has been designed to support businesses encourage staff to move more and reduce sedentary working, creating a culture that improves the health and reduces stress of employees and provide business benefits. Our range of tools, resources and support is designed to make a positive impact right across your organisation. We are here to help your workplace respond positively to the challenges of Covid-19 providing practical solutions and support to improve employee wellbeing.

Workplace Movement provides online training for staff focused on improving physical activity and mental wellbeing, equipping employees with practical tips and advice, as well as online health and wellbeing resources focused on physical activity, including a benchmark tool, staff survey, resource library and activity tracking challenge.

If you are interested in finding out more about Workplace Movement and how it can help make your business a more active workplace, please get in touch with Lorea Sarobe at

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