6 top tips for staying active while working from home

6 top tips for staying active while working from home

Posted: Fri, 02 Jul 2021 13:48

6 top tips for staying active while working from home

With many of us still working from home 16 months on from the start of the pandemic, it is important to remember to look after our physical and mental health.

Working from home has several benefits, with a certain degree of flexibility and the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones. However, switching the rush hour commute for a few steps between the kitchen and living room can quickly result in a sedentary lifestyle.

It is so important for your physical and mental health to remain active. Luckily, Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire has got you covered. To help you to maintain an active lifestyle while working from home, we've pulled together our 6 top tips:

1. Kettle Reps - This is a personal favourite at the Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire HQ. Choose an exercise and complete 10-15 reps each time the kettle boils. (That's quite often at the Active HW office!) You could try squats, lunches, marching on the spot, or jumping jacks.

2. On the Hour Energisers - Set a timer on your phone each hour as a reminder to move. You could take a stroll around the block, a few shuttle runs up the stairs or even some stretching.

3. Switch it up - Why not replace the uncomfortable wooden kitchen chair for an exercise ball? This really simple switch can help to strengthen your core and help you to feel more energised.

4. Not another zoom meeting - Why not start your next team zoom meeting with an online energiser? At Active HW, we've found this to boost mood, energy and improve connectivity among our team.

5. Stop slouching and start standing - This doesn't have to be expensive. Use the kitchen worktop or a high set of drawers to create your DIY standing desk!

6. Step Outdoors at Netwalk - Take your phone calls on the move! Could you network with business partners while on the go? Why not give it try.

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