Join Us For Active advent

Join Us For Active advent

Posted: Thu, 25 Nov 2021 10:20

Join Us For Active advent

Countdown to Christmas with our Active Advent Calendar this December.

Yes, it is that time of year again!

This year we are encouraging you to Join The Movement as we get active during the festive season. We will be posting bitesize activity and wellbeing challenges every day between December 1st and 24th across our social media during the countdown to Christmas. We aim to inspire you to get moving with fun, achievable activity ideas suitable for all ages and abilities, with a range of low-impact activities from dancing to walking.

The festive period brings us all the opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months, set goals for the upcoming year, and spend quality time with others. Why not spend some time with family and friends on a walk or being active together?

We know that time is a major barrier for many, but there a lots of ways to get active that you may not have realised count. Tie in your Christmas shopping with a 10-minute brisk walk, dance to Christmas music or even putting up your Christmas decorations - it all counts towards your 150 active minutes!

We hope that each day will inspire you to try something different, and perhaps, by the 25th, have helped you to build a healthy habit of finding time every day to get some physical activity in, whether that is for 20minutes or an hour! This new habit should also help to boost the chances of success in any fitness-related new year revolutions you may set yourself, giving you a head start! Don't forget, doing something is better than doing nothing; exercise doesn't have to be hugely intense and hours long to be beneficial.

Disclaimer – For those with severe disabilities or very low fitness levels/abilities, there may be some days where the exercises suggested are not suitable for you. That is okay. You may simply choose to skip this day, adapt the exercise to your ability, or do a totally different exercise you have confidence in completing, for example, a short walk or a workout you have been encouraged to try by a professional.

Download a copy of all activities below, and don't forget to add your festive activity to our Activity Tracker:

Merry Christmas from the Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire team!

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