I want to improve my strength, balance, and mobility. What can I do?

I want to improve my strength, balance, and mobility. What can I do?

Posted: Mon, 18 Sep 2023 10:21

I want to improve my strength, balance, and mobility.  What can I do?

As we get older, our overall physical fitness becomes increasingly important. Our strength, balance, and mobility support us with everyday tasks like carrying the shopping, getting up from a chair and climbing the stairs.

Whether you're a total beginner starting from scratch, or you've recently recovered from an injury, staying active with simple strength and balance exercises can may a huge difference to our physical fitness.

'Re-conditioning' is the process of regaining physical fitness and overall wellbeing. There are lots of ways to start your reconditioning journey.

So, what activities help with re-conditioning and building strength, balance, and mobility?

  1. Strength Training - This doesn't mean spending hours lifting weights in a busy gym. This could be using resistance bands whilst watching the TV, or even bodyweight exercises like squats or wall press ups at home. Building muscle strength is a fundamental component of re-conditioning. We recommend starting with a structured program that progressively increases resistance and intensity over time to gain strength. Why not check out our 6in6 Strength programme to get you started?
  2. Yoga & Pilates - Yoga and Pilates are great choices for improving both balance and flexibility. Emphasising controlled movements to support strength, stretching, and body awareness, regular sessions can improve your balance, strength, overall mobility and reduce your risk of falls. Did you know, there are even seated and chair yoga and adapted pilates sessions available locally?
  3. Balance Activities - Balance activities like standing on one leg, walking heel-to-toe, or heel raises can improve stability and confidence, whilst reducing your risk of falls. Including balance exercises into your everyday routine helps to build a foundation. This could mean standing on one leg whilst brushing your teeth or even walking between rooms in a heel-to-toe fashion – it doesn't have to be a dedicated time slot! Take a look at our video for more inspiration on how to embed these activities as part of everyday life.
  4. Cardio Activities - Cardiovascular exercise is anything that boost your heart and lung health. This might include brisk walking (or even just a walk if you're a little less confident!), swimming, or walking sports. These activities help with endurance, which is essential for making your daily activities easier, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and independence. You could find a local walking group or why not try some walking sport activities?

Re-conditioning requires dedication and consistency. Getting stronger doesn't happen overnight. By incorporating strength, balance exercises, and cardiovascular activities, into your every day life, you can make significant positive progress.

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