Mums & Mums To Be

Firstly, congratulations on the future arrival/s. Expecting a child is one of the most precious and exciting times for a mother. But it can also be a time where you feel stressed and anxious, all of which is incredibly normal. Over the course of your pregnancy, it is important that you look after your physical and emotional wellbeing, as it will benefit both you and your baby. Postpartum exercise is also hugely beneficial to you when done safely and when adhering to your health provider's advice as it can help your recovery process!

Our team at Active HW have been working alongside the Starting Well Partnership and Herefordshire & Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust to produce the 'Wellbeing for Maternity' resource to provide you with information and support before, during and after your pregnancy. Please download your free copy below.

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Being active before and around pregnancy (before, bump, birth and beyond!) can have numerous benefits for you and your baby. Physical activity and/or exercise is not dangerous for your baby and can have many benefits. Being active doesn't have to be complicated, pushing a buggy around the park or following home-exercise videos all count! It's all about finding what works for you, and what you enjoy.

The 'This Mum Moves' website has lots of ideas and information to support you to be active through your pregnancy and motherhood journey. You can also visit our Antenatal Activity page for ideas of antenatal exercise you can safely try throughout the various trimesters. If you were not active before you got pregnant, do not suddenly take up strenuous exercise.