According to the latest Active Lives Survey, 26.2% of children and young people in Herefordshire and Worcestershire are inactive. Schools play a vital role in helping children, young people, and the community to be active.

Opening Schools Facilities is a Department for Education (DfE) investment programme to meet the goals of the Government's School Sport and Activity Action Plan. Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire is responsible for distributing funding to schools to support them opening their sports facilities, including swimming pools, and provide greater access and opportunities for pupils to access extra-curricular sport and physical activity in the evenings, weekends and school holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the funding for?

This funding is for secondary and SEND schools in the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire (middle deemed secondary can also apply). Secondary and SEND schools across the two counties have been identified and prioritised according to the following data, although all schools can apply:

  • Number of pupils eligible for Free School Meals
  • Percentage of SEND pupils
  • Schools within a close proximity to IMD 1-4 areas

What can the funding be used for?

Schools may apply for up to £10,000 per year. They must open up their facilities to the community/public for a minimum of 12 weeks (6 weeks for swimming activities). There should be a focus on long-term, sustainable plans. This funding is revenue spend only. No capital spend will be allowed. The grant can be used for:

  • Purchasing booking systems
  • Development of websites
  • Short-term staffing
  • CPD for staff
  • Purchasing additional equipment and resources
  • (Moveable) Storage
  • Improving security to the facility to ensure it can open
  • Purchasing swimming pool water testing kits and plant servicing, following guidance from Swim England
  • Swimming activities can be delivered both during the school day, before and after school, evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Holiday activity, in conjunction with HAF and other programmes, but must target new participants
  • New or additional activity to what is already taking place - this is a requirement

If operating a dual use site, the funding must go to the school and not the external provider, however they may work in partnership to ensure there is an increase in school and community users.

Please note: The funding CANNOT be spent on capital. Where schools have an existing capitalisation policy, this should be used to determine whther proposed spending would be capital expenditure.

How do I apply?

Schools are ecnouraged to complete the Expression of Interest form below. Our dedicated team members will work with you to complete an information and development plan which outlines the current offer to school and community users, as well as focusing on new and additional activities.

Opening School Facilities (OSF) Expression of Interest (EOI)

Opening School Facilities (OSF) Expression of Interest (EOI)
Kerrie O'Mahony

Kerrie O'Mahony

Project Manager (Children & Young People)

  • Children and Young people Programmes
  • Virtual Schools
  • Strategic Lead for the School Games
  • Physical Activity and Health
  • This Girl Can Programme
  • Active Lives
  • Safeguarding Officer

Tracey Freer

  • PPSP support for Bromsgrove, Wychavon and Redditch
  • Opening School Facilities support for Worcestershire
07838 736 266

Alex Repton

  • PPSP support for Wyre Forest, Malvern Hills, Worcester City and Droitwich
  • Opening School Facilities support for Worcestershire
01299 873611

Beky Williams

  • Opening School Facilities support for Herefordshire
07482 215406

Danielle Kennedy

Project Officer CYP & Marcomms

  • Active Lives
  • OSF support
  • Event support
  • Marcomms support