Cydney's Skating Success

Cydney's Skating Success

Posted: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 09:28

Cydney's Skating Success

12-year-old Cydney gave her best effort within several sports and physical activities at primary school, however when she transitioned to secondary school, she experienced severe anxiety.

"I was never any good at sport in primary school, no matter how hard I tried so I didn't have much confidence in my ability. I really struggled with anxiety when I started high school so it was difficult to mix with a group of people who were better at sport than me".

Through ice-skating, Cydney has found an escape from her anxiety and improved her general health. Physical activity has helped her to extend her social group, in turn improving her mental wellbeing. She said although she does still get anxious skating, she feels more confident. "Skating is an escape for me as I can just lose myself in the music of my programme or the repetition of trying to get a jump right."

Through skating, Cydney has developed a broad skill set including sportsmanship and teamwork. We asked Cydney, 'What 3 things have been the most important in enabling you to continue participating?'

  1. The support of family not just taking me to train but also as a family we have had to agree on how to finance my training.
  2. The support from school - competitions are always during school time and they have been supportive of this which takes that stress away
  3. The support of others like my dance teacher who watches my videos then offers advice on arm positions or exercises I can do, other skaters who have lent me dresses & other equipment & given me great advice which enables me to get high standards of experience without having to spend massive amounts of money

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