How #GreatCoaching has Supported Participants in the #MoveMore Program

How #GreatCoaching has Supported Participants in the #MoveMore Program

Posted: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 16:25

How #GreatCoaching has Supported Participants in the #MoveMore Program

I was diagnosed with incurable cancer in July of 2019; as part of my treatment I underwent four and a half months of chemotherapy, followed by four weeks of radiotherapy. April of 2020 saw me in a very low state of mind as I waited for tests and results to see if the treatment had been successful, hopefully it would lead to a significant increase in life expectancy. My Clinical Nurse Specialist referred me to counselling, it was the counsellor who told me about the Move More program, this ultimately led me to Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Due to social distancing rules and the shielding program my original contact was by telephone, I was immediately impressed as the conversation revolved around what I was looking for. My last involvement in any formal exercise regime had been whilst serving in the army in Germany in the 1980s, it was very much a "there is no gain without pain" approach to physical training. Now I find myself in the position where I am discussing my needs; unfortunately treatment will over time cause its own problems, overall strength, muscle and bones will be impacted, I needed something specific for me to help in the coming years.

The first session, via the Zoom app with Di the trainer, was like a breath of fresh air, what my neighbours must have thought as I marched on the spot or squatted up and down on the living room carpet can only be imagined. The pace and range of movement were all determined by my ability and effort. The really good thing, when I got up the following morning there were no aches or pains, the range of exercises with warm up, cool down and stretching were very well managed.

On the 28th August I took part in a walking football game at the Perdiswell leisure centre, it was my first team sport event since leaving the army in 1985, it was an incredibly enjoyable time, exercising and enjoying myself in a friendly activity; what else could I ask for?

One of the problems that I quite often hear about is that hospital consultants are very good at dealing with "my" medical problems but not very good at dealing with the complete "me." The combination of medical care, counselling and physical exercise is as close as you can get to dealing with the complete "me" that is possible.

Where am I now? I am looking forward to the next 3 or 4 years knowing that an army of people from numerous organisations are all ready to help me if required.

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