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About the Ann Craft Trust

The Ann Craft Trust (ACT) supports the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors from across the UK to protect disabled children and adults at risk. From training programmes to consultation services, they work to improve standards of safeguarding and raise the levels of best practice across health, social care and education.

They support both national and local organisations including the NHS, Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and Social Care and also support individual professionals as well as parents and carers on how best to support and protect young people and adults from abuse.

Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Physical Activity

Safeguarding Adults in Sport is a project funded by Sport England to help National Governing Bodies, county sports partnerships, regional partnerships and sports clubs to develop best practice in safeguarding adults at risk.

Safeguarding adults is a responsibility for every sport and physical activity organisation. Getting this right will ensure a wider participation in sport or physical activity and ensure safe access for everyone.

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