Information for Children

All children and young people should feel safe when being active, or taking part in sport. Sport and physical activity should be fun – it gives you the opportunity to make new friends, try out new activities and amaze yourself with what you can do.

But for a few children, the fun is spoilt by people who do or say things during activities that hurt or frighten them.

If something is worrying you, don't keep it to yourself. Here's what you can do:

Tell an adult you trust as soon as possible, such as:

  • a parent or someone else in your family
  • a member of staff at the sports club or centre
  • a teacher or school counsellor
  • your doctor or school nurse
  • your club will have a safeguarding officer – find out who they are and tell them about your worries
  • make sure you're not alone again with the person who has upset you or tried to hurt you

If you don't feel like you can do any of the above then Childline is here for you.

Childline is the free, 24-hour helpline for children and young people in the UK. You can call about any problem, at any time – day or night.

Phone 0800 1111 or visit the Childline website to chat online to a counsellor.

You might have heard the words child sexual exploitation, or the term CSE, at school, at home, or on the news. To find out more about this, visit Tell Someone. If you're worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been talking to you online then the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) unit are here to help - you can find out what to do or make a report to CEOP here.