Satellite Clubs establish new and regular opportunities for inactive young people aged 14-19 to participate in sport or physical activity.

What is a Satellite Club?

  • An extension of a community sports club (hub club) or totally new opportunity
  • Held at a familiar site (such as school, college, youth centre or other community setting)

What does a Satellite Club look like and what is the focus?

  • 14-19 year olds
  • Must focus on inactive participants
  • Should focus on one the following demographics: girls, disability/long term health conditions, young people at risk of offending or of lower socio-economic circumstance.
  • Satellite clubs can be in a range of sport or physical activities, from hockey to yoga.
  • Satellite clubs can be funded for up to 30 weeks initially and should become fully sustainable.
  • All satellite clubs should be open to the community, not just host site participants.
  • Clubs must be self sustaining e.g. participant income must be redirected back into the club
  • Activity must be new and not an existing project
  • Evidence must exist showing a demand for the project
  • Sessions offered are designed around the needs of young people and provide them with positive enjoyable experiences that make it easy for them to become active
  • Sessions are young people (customer) led including involving young people in decisions and design

What can funding be used for?

  • Coaching/delivery costs
  • Qualifications and training
  • Equipment
  • Venue/facilities
  • Incentives
  • Further funding may also be available to help sustain the satellite club following the funding period

What are the benefits?

  • Increase club's outreach, diversify the audience and membership, resulting in income generation.
  • Attract new groups to community sport
  • Improve long-term sustainability of the club
  • Raise profile of the club, venue and partner organisation to attract interest from partners and funders
  • Provides opportunities to train and recruit volunteers and leaders
  • Introduces inactive individuals to a new activity and increases the likelihood of retaining them in activity

Sustainability Funding

Sustainability funding provides the opportunity for clubs to expand their provision and provide a more extensive range of opportunities.

This additional funding cannot be used to cover coaching costs, instead the aim of this funding allocation is to expand and diversify the clubs offer, encouraging a more comprehensive approach to sustainability moving forwards.

Please note, there is an expectation for satellite clubs to sustain provision following the end of the funding cycle for the programme consequently, sustainability funding cannot be used to cover the costs of this provision, it must instead, as mentioned, be used to diversify or expand.

All satellite clubs will be informed of the option to apply for sustainability funding in the run up to the end of their funding period for their satellite club programme.

If you have an idea for a satellite club please complete the Expression of Interest form below.

Satellite Club Expression of Interest

Satellite Club Expression of Interest

Please provide a brief outline of your plans or ideas, this does not need to be detailed as an application form will follow once a member of the team has contacted you.