School Games

The School Games is a government led programme, funded by Sport England National Lottery funding, designed to deliver competitive school sport to all young people. The School Games is broken up into 4 types of competition:

  • Intra School Competition – Competition within schools
  • Inter School Competition – Competition between schools within their districts
  • County Finals – Competition between schools from across the county
  • School Games National Finals – National competition between Regions

As an Active Partnership, we work with the network of School Games Organisers (SGOs) and Local Organising Committees (LOCs) to support the delivery of Intra, Inter and County competitions.

Through the School Games we want to engage, inspire and motivate children and young people across Herefordshire & Worcestershire to take part in more competitive school sport, providing them with positive experiences that will connect them with the benefits of competitive sport, provide a meaningful and memorable difference in their lives and motive them to increase their future engagement in regular physical activity and sport.

Reframing Competition

Reframing Competition

School Games aims to keep competitive sport at the heart of schools and provide children and young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best. We are determined to ensure that a range of opportunities are available for young people to take part in various forms of competition. The Youth Sport Trust are driving focus of "reframing competition" and this is something that Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire and committed to supporting. We acknowledge that traditional competition between participants/schools is not the only form of competition that can develop skills such as confidence, resilience, decision making etc. We want to ensure that there is a competition format available that attracts ALL children and young people to take part.

With the vision of the School Games to make a clear and meaningful difference to the lives of children and young people, it is important to consider alternative ways in which we can deliver competitions to maximise the engagement of young people. Although traditional competition formats offer inclusive, accessible and fun opportunities, depending on design and perceived experiences by those taking part, competitions can be viewed as both a positive and a negative.

Following Youth Sport Trust commissioned research in 2018 into the design and delivery of competitive youth sport both domestically and globally, an interactive resource has been developed offering alternative ways to deliver competition, engaging with more young people based around the following 8 themes:

Widening the competition environment to develop character and life skills

Adapting the scoring to develop different sport skills

Adding fun elements to engaging new audiences

Widening the competition environment to develop health

Adapting the format to increase motivation

Considering age and maturity levels to support fair competition and foster social connections

Using technology to develop physical skills

Adapting the competition environment to support individual development in sport

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If your business or organisation is looking for a way to promote your brand or company, there are a range of sponsorship opportunities available at the School Games in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. If you would like to support more young people being active and enjoying sport, please get in touch or visit:

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