Here are Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire, we want to support clubs as much as possible. This page will help you find all the information you need if you are looking to set up a new club or if you are already a club wanting to check you are providing the best service to your community.

What should you know before setting up a club?

Before setting up a club it is important to do some research around the club you wish to set up. It is important to consider the following:

Is there a similar club already up and running in your area?

  • You can research this through social media or your sport's national governing body who will have a list of all the affiliated clubs in your area.

Is there a demand to set up a new sports club?

  • Depending on your sport you may only need a few to start a club or you may need 15-25 people. It is important to assess what the demand is for your club. This can be done by asking friends or colleagues, start a Facebook group, or talk to local schools if you looking to set up a junior club.

Are you clear about what you want to achieve with the club?

  • It is important to have a clear vision for the club. Think about what you are offering, where you want to be in 3-5 years, why people should join your club. Try to create a vision that you can share with the club members. Start to develop a club development plan, see Club Matters guide to creating a development plan.

Who do you need to help run this club?

  • Think about a club committee, the roles and responsibilities, having a committee that will meet the needs of the club and its members now and in the future is important. Club Matters provides a great resource for creating and managing effective committees

You can find a 'start a club' checklist to guide you through the start-up process and the things you need to consider on the Club Matter page.

Next Steps...

New sports clubs require, rules and structure. You need to consider:

Affiliation to your national governing body

  • National governing bodies have a responsibility for managing their spot, and many clubs decide to affiliate to theirs as they can come with benefits and opportunities. For example, being able to enter official competitions, insurance, access to funding, and access to support and guidance on coaching and running your club. To find out who your sport's governing body is click here.

Health and Safety

Your member's and volunteer's welfare and safety should be a priority in your club. You need to consider the following:

  • Appropriate insurance (public liability/ any required for your sport – check with your national governing body to see if they provide any with affiliation). For more information and help see the Club Matters Insurance page.
  • Are the club activities led by suitably qualified people?
  • Do your leaders have appropriate first aid training?
  • A Health & Safety policy should be the foundation on which to develop health and safety procedures in your club. See Club Matters for more information on Health & Safety policies.
  • Undertake risk assessments to help keep your activities safe. For more information see the Club Matters page on risk assessments.
  • Your club must have the right safeguarding & welfare measures in place - see our safeguarding page for more information.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Have you thought about where your club activities can take place and meet? If you are struggling to find an appropriate facility speak to your local authority, colleges/university, or drop us an email at Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire (see the bottom of the page for contact information).
  • The kit and equipment needed will vary depending on your sport. If you are starting out, remember that some sports set a minimum requirement for kit and equipment, usually for health and safety reasons e.g., mouth guards in boxing. Check with your national governing body for specific kit requirements. For more information on facilities and Equipment see the Club Matters page.


Once you have a plan for your club and have outlined what you want to achieve, it's time to look at what funding you can get. Having a clear development plan will out your club in a strong position and will help when applying for funding. For further information on what funding is available and how to apply see the Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire's funding page and the Club Matters funding page.

Raising Awareness of your Club

Once you have your first club members you will want to look at expanding your membership and maintaining a high level of participation. One option to advertise your club is through social media a free and easy way to promote it. You can also look at marketing options like, sponsorship, websites, and posters/flyers. Club Matters marketing page has a range of resources and information on club promotion. For more information and resources on raising awareness of your club see the Club Matters page.

Further Information and Resources

Club Matters provide workshops that are short training sessions, funded by Sport England and delivered across the country by Club Matters facilitators in a range of specific topics. The sessions will develop your skills, improve your knowledge, and ultimately help you develop your club. Click here to view the workshops currently on offer.

Contact your National Governing Body. Click here to find who your National Governing Body is.

Activity Alliance's Inclusion Club Hub tool helps clubs to include more disabled individuals in there activities. It can be used to audit your club to see how inclusive you are or as a resource to support your club's development. Click here to see the Inclusion Club Hub tool.

For any queries or help you can contact:

Simon Thomas

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

01905 855543
07717 422184