This Girl Can Online

As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded, we know that many women, girls, mums-to-be and elderly women have new concerns around getting active. However, there has never been a more important time to remain active, for positive mental wellbeing and physical health.

With the inclusion of physical activity and exercise in almost every daily government briefing, the message around the importance of physical activity for wellbeing is coming across loud and clear. A recent survey carried out by Sport England found that almost two thirds of adults consider exercise to be more important than ever before. Many people (67%) also believe that physical activity is helping them with their mental health during the outbreak.

The disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak means that many females can't turn to the usual ways of getting active. Many of us have had to change how we get active, based on government advice and social distancing measures.

Pregnancy Activity During Covid-19

We know that being active before and around pregnancy, i.e. before, bump, birth and beyond, can have numerous benefits for women and their babies. Physical activity can help to prevent diabetes of pregnancy, improve mood, reduce high blood pressure problems and improve sleep.

For most women, pregnancy should not stop them from becoming active or continuing to be active, but the choice around how to do so can be very personal. Guidance should be sought from health care professionals. It is important for women to listen to their body and their baby and adapt if necessary, start gradually and 'don't bump the bump'.

We have put together some of our favourite ideas for ante-natal activity through the covid-19 outbreak. Visit our 'Antenatal Activity' page for more information.

Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire is stepping up to meet the needs of our females and bridge the gap in free provision for teenage girls, pregnant women and older ladies. We have teamed up with local trusted activity providers to commission a two-week online timetable of free activity.