Book Recommendations

1. Brilliant Questions About Growing Up, Amy Forbes-Robertson & Alex Fryer

Amy and Alex have toured over 200 schools delivering inclusive sex and relationship lessons.
They've taken the toughest and most common questions about puberty from THOUSANDS of UK children and answered them in this simple and empathetic guide to growing up.

From questions about puberty, consent and boundaries to navigating the online world and sexuality, Brilliant Questions About Growing Up is an easy-to-follow toolkit about what 'normal' really means when it comes to growing up (spoiler, it looks different for all of us).

This reassuring read is ideal for 7-11 year olds and offers a non-judgemental approach to all of those difficult, funny and (sometimes) embarrassing questions in a way that facilitates honest and comfortable conversations with children.

2. This Period in my Life, Saskia Boujo

It's a guide book and journal that has been designed to inform and prepare young people for their menstrual cycle. Using ungendered language, This Period in My Life encourages young people to value and understand their periods, as well as connect with their menstrual bleed. Because we all deserve the tools to equip us for one of the biggest chapters of our life.

3. Blood Moon by Lucy Cuthew

4. Period Power by Maisie Hill

Video Links

Here we have included a number of video links that you could use with your girls, boys, and school workforce.

  1. Liverpool FC Play On - I Quit Campaign
  2. Jurgen Klopp's message for young girls
  3. The Period Panel: Why we have to talk about periods and sport (Jodie Taylor. Jazmin Sawyers, and Emma Ross)
  4. Always - Like a Girl
  5. Barbie - Imagine the Possibilities
  6. Barbie - The Dream Gap

Girl Talk & The Female Body

  • Girl Talk Prompt Cards Girl Talk Prompt Cards (PDF, 135 Kb)

    Girl Talk sessions provide an opportunity for girls to discuss different topics that they might not usually have conversations about. We have collated some example questions with prompts to help you in setting up 'Girl Talk' sessions at your school.

Treasure Your Chest Downloadable Resources

Treasure Your Chest is an initiative to help educate schoolgirls on breast health. The resources are designed to support you to deliver high quality breast education across a variety of settings. They are free to download and can be delivered in one 60-minute session, or split into three 20-minute sessions depending on the context in which you are delivering them and the time you have available.

  • NetballHer NetballHer (PDF, 299 Kb)

    NETBALLHer is here to raise the bar for women and girls through the creation of expert resources, game changing learning offers and by being a strong and responsible voice for “her”.


  • Yoga For Periods Teacher Pack Yoga For Periods Teacher Pack (PDF, 177.4 Mb)

    Provided by Jenny-May While, Hereford Yoga Centre, is an informative, inspirational teacher pack full to the brim with yoga poses and guidance for you to introduce adapted yoga to your teaching skill set.

If you are keen to try any of the activities experienced at our recent Worcs Girls Can Festivals, back at your own school, the details for all our providers can be found here.

Studio You

Studio You is home to 100s of free video-based PE lessons. Studio You is here to help teachers bring fun to physical activity and change the way girls aged 11-16 see PE. If your girls have enjoyed the pilates, yoga or fitness sessions at our Worcs Girls Can festivals, then check out the below video to hear more about Studio You and register your school via

Studio You now offers a new and improved Teacher Hub. Created in collaboration with teachers, it's packed full of CPD and useful resources, all designed to help you do what you do best: empower students to feel good about physical activity.